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Welcome to the Whitestone Devon website

created by Creative Whitestone and funded by Whitestone Parish Council for the benefit of all. This website is intended to give an insight into day-to-day Whitestone, a little of its history up to the present day and some of the other interests and businesses that are to be found here. 


From 2015 Teignbridge will be collecting more recycling and waste from homes more frequently but the garden waste collection will become a paid-for option.

Teignbridge intend to introduce the changes from summer 2015 in three phases depending on where you live. The new service should be rolled out to all households by November 2015 and Teignbridge will be providing detailed information packs to all households to help explain the changes.

Food waste will be collected weekly from a kerbside caddy which Teignbridge will provide for free. This will be slightly smaller than a recycling box with a lockable lid and handle. These are already successfully used in many parts of Devon and across the country.
The food waste from your kerbside caddy will be emptied by the collection crews every week and should be placed out alongside your recycling boxes for collection. This caddy can be used for all cooked and uncooked food waste, including meat, fish, tea bags, banana skins and plate scrapings etc. The food can be wrapped in compostable liners (from Teignbridge), paper, or can be left loose - the containers will be easy to handle and clean.

One of the big benefits of the new collection service will be the addition of plastic pots, tubs and trays to your kerbside collection. Margarine tubs, yogurt pots and plastic food trays will be collected weekly along with the plastic bottles already collected. As the collection will be more frequent you should have space in your containers for the additional material. Additional recycling containers will be available free of charge to those who need them.

Cardboard will be collected weekly with your other recyclables instead of being composted. This means that you will be able to recycle both thick and thin cardboard packaging. Recycling cardboard is much better environmentally and financially than composting it, which is very difficult as it often has laminates, tape and metal staples attached and takes a long time to decompose.

The residual waste service will remain fortnightly using the same black bins. As you will be able to recycle more items you should see less waste in this bin, which is great news for recycling! Teignbridge will continue to operate a 'no side waste' policy, meaning no extra bags can be left by your bin, except by pre-arrangement.

The free collection of garden waste will stop. Teignbridge state that the decision to make a charge for the collection of garden waste has not been taken lightly. They have consulted with many other local authorities who have also, in recent years, introduced a similar service and the feedback that they have received is that they have not experienced any additional instances of fly tipping. It is not expected that the residents of Teignbridge should experience anything different.

Points to note on the New Garden Waste Collection Service

The service is optional and you won't be charged unless you subscribe. If you choose not to join, Teignbridge won't collect your garden waste if it is left out for collection. Details will be available well in advance on how to join the service.

If you opt in, the cost of the collection of one garden waste bin will be £35 per year. Extra bins will be available, at a charge. The cost of additional bins has yet to be finalised. The collections will take place fortnightly from the kerbside using your existing green bin. You will be issued with a sticker to put on your bin and the collection crews will have up to date information on which households have subscribed and will only collect from those who have paid.

The garden waste sack service will be phased out in advance of the new service being introduced. If you do subscribe to the new garden waste collection service, Teignbridge will collect any garden waste sacks you have left over.

If you do not want to join the service, you will need to make your own arrangements to dispose of your garden waste. You can home compost or take it to your nearest Recycling Centre. There may also be a Community Composting Group operating near you or you may like to consider starting one up, Devon Community Composting Network may be able to provide help and advice with this. Garden waste should not be placed in your black bin.

If you do not have a garden and don’t subscribe to the new Garden Waste Collection Service, Teignbridge will accept small amounts of cut flowers or potted house plants in your kerbside food caddy if that's the only compostable ‘garden’ waste that you are producing.

Fallen leaves must not be disposed of in your black bin. Leaf fall is classed as a natural process and the liability to remove any fallen leaves lies with the owner of the property affected. This position applies equally to both residents and the council i.e. where council land is affected by leaf fall from trees located on private land, the council accepts responsibility for clearing and disposing of that leaf fall. Again, you must home compost or take it to the nearest Recycling Centre.

If requested, Teignbridge will remove green bins that are no longer needed. If you wish to keep your green bin for use on your property that is also fine.

Concessionary rates will be available for those on Council Tax or Housing Benefit and who wish to have garden waste collected.

Further details, e.g. for those who live in flats or for those who wish to share a green bin for garden waste, will be available from Teignbridge District Council in due course. Alternatively, the full article may be read at:


We are sad to announce the sudden death of Dave Prouse on Sunday 1st February 2015. Dave farmed in Whitestone and will be remembered for his good humour, warmth and affable nature as well as his skill as a church bell-ringer. He was a real friend and will be greatly missed by us all. Our thoughts go out to his wife, Ruth, to his son, Philip and daughters, Alice and Sally.

His funeral service was at the East Devon Crematorium on Tuesday 17th February 2015 and was attended by over 250 people.


Pam & Dave Lee were surprised to see a Red Squirrel in their garden having a good feast on peanuts. A very rare sight in Whitestone. Red Sqirrel


On Sunday 9th February, eight bowlers from Whitestone visited Exminster Short Mat Bowls Club to take part in a friendly return match.

With two rinks being used, six matches of 4 against 4 took place. In all, 36 ends were completed. Exminster won the evening after all the points were aggregated; 35 - 23.

The evening was delightful with all players applauding good shots; regardless of which team played them. The Exminster club’s home advantage proved to be too much for Whitestone who found it difficult to cope with their de-luxe, foam backed rinks.

Special thanks must be extended to all the Exminster team for the marvellous spread of sandwiches, salad, cakes & tea provided during the break.

Match v Exminster
Exminster Short Mat Bowls Club

Match v Exminster
Whitestone Short Mat Bowls Club

It is still possible to report any pothole you come across on a Devon Road. Just click on the arrow to be redirected to the Devon County Council page and fill in the details.

Devon County Council has almost tripled its number of pothole repair teams in response to the storm damage to roads across the county.

Over the winter storm period, since 23 December, the County Council has recorded more than 1,300 reports of fallen trees and branches on Devon’s roads, more than 150 embankment slips, and more than 4,000 flooding incidents across the county.

Around 11,500 potholes have also been reported by the public or found by highway inspectors so far in 2014. In response, the number of teams dealing with pothole safety defect repairs has increased from 13 to 34, with an extra 52 staff tackling the problem. The approximate additional cost of the work is around £65,000 a week.

The clear-up of the storm damage is estimated to cost around £3 million to the end of the financial year, but the County Council is yet to finalise a figure for the damage caused by the storms as the road network and structures are still being assessed.


Devon County News
Devon County News

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